Next Event: STAG 631 - Dark Park 4 - Wed 28th Nov 2018 - Bellahouston Park

Based at Art Lovers Car Park off Dumbreck Road. Follow signs for Glasgow Ski Centre & turn RIGHT just before Ski Centre Car Park. Lets hope it isn’t as wet as it was early in 2018.

28th Nov 18

ADVANCE INFORMATION - Sun 2nd Dec 2018 - 20th Glasgow Parks Champs

Updated Friday 16th November 2018
Crazy though it seems, 2018 will see the hosting of our 20th GPC / 3 Parks In 1 Day Event
Following on from the 1999 PWT Event in Kelvingrove Park , STAG initiated this event which was probably the forerunner to SPRINT ORIENTEERING.
Entries now open on Sportident Entry System - click here & only those who enter by 11:59pm Monday 12th November are guaranteed an Event Souvenir & cheapest entry fee.

Please read on for provisional plans - updated 15th November 2018 which have a slight twist to the normal programme.

15th Nov 18

New STAG Website

Sunday 18th November is the big launch of our New Club Website which is most likely to occur late on Sunday evening.

14th Nov 18

Map of Glasgow - Linn Park Map

STAG 630 - Dark Park 3 - Wed 14th Nov 2018 - Linn Park, Results

After a horrid day the evening proved very pleasant.

My thanks to Peter for planning the courses.

It appears that someone decided that “57” was hung too high and took it out of its raised position & restaked it in the ground. This was deliberately hung high due to the fallen trees on the outer eastern edge of the vegetation change.
When collecting in the controls I repaced the veg boundary from the north where it hits the track & reassured myself the siting was correct .

Thanks for your support.
Income 91. Expenditure BOF Levy 30. STAG Map Royalty 20. Map print & postage 20. Surplus 21.

14th Nov 18

GPC 2018 - Change to format for STAG’s Future Stars Competition

My apologies but due to an oversight on my part this year the STAG Future Stars Competition shall now be based on the results from Races 2 & 3.

The issue relates to Race 1 accessing a part of the Commonwealth Village & thus being partially Urban based, the insurance requirements do not allow those under 16 years to compete.

10th Nov 18

STAG, SOA, BOF Membership for 2019 now open for renewals

Having fulfilled the requirements with the British Orienteering Federation, current members & prospective members can now renew & join respectively.

A very Warm Welcome to Tom & Kate (from New Zealand) who were the first to join up for 2019 & Peter, Kirsty, Thomas E. & Maz all more locally based.

01st Nov 18

Map of Glasgow - Hogganfield Loch Map

STAG 629 - Dark Park 2 - Wed 31st Oct 2018 - Hogganfield & Lethamhill GC, Results

Our luck with the weather ran out this evening. How wet was it ? Well the back road at Provan Gas Works was almost under water so it was substantial.

Thanks to Fredrik & Marta for their support. I have no idea why the wee printer worked for the older type of SI fingers but not for any others; everything was however in the STAG Download Box.

Income 52 - Levy 22.50 - Map Royalty - 15 - Map Printing 15 = loss of 50p.

31st Oct 18

STAG’s Maps & Permanent Course Maps - 27th October 2018 - inc support materials

Currently copies of STAG’s permanent courses, with the exception of Pollok CP, can be obtained in 2 ways.
Blank copies of STAG maps are also available to purchase but please note that to actually set out Orienteering Markers requires formally permission from the landowner.

Updated Audit 28th October 2018 - Missing Posts : Bellahouston No. 11; Queen’s Park Post 2 still OOBs due to Scottish Water fenced off enclosure ; Missing Nos. 6, 11, 14, 15 & 17; Springburn No.10 ; Hogganfield No.7. What is most mystifying is that of the 9 posts @ 7 of the sites there is no evidence of any posts everbeing there ???

28th Oct 18

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Who are we

In 1982, St. Andrew’s Orienteering Club (Glasgow) was formed in the East End of Glasgow with the primary purpose of making Orienteering a more accessible activity.
By producing maps & hosting events, setting up permanent facilities & facilitating schools’ involvement we continue to promote Orienteering as a
Sport For All & a Sport For Life.

Although we may be numerically small, we do a phenomenal amount of events & continue to pioneer how Orienteering can be embraced throughout education.

In 2018 we will
+ Continue to liaise with Local Authorities to support our work - ongoing.
+ Make better use of the British Orienteering online portal for accessing a number of our Permanent Courses - in progress.
+ Host Scottish Night Championships & a South of Scotland League Event on a brand new map of Pollok CP. - achieved.
+ Arrange 5 Score+ Events. - Only 4 were held but still a big success!
+ Support World Orienteering Day in May - event at Drumpellier Country Park.
+ Formalise the STAG/SOA Membership option into our Club Constitution - completed.
+ Host a Spring & Autumn Series of Evening Events - achieved.
+ Host a Scottish Orienteering Urban League Event in August (Summerston) - achieved.
+ Club Annual Bowling Evening in September - achieved.
+ Host the Junior Home Internationals Individual Event in October - achieved.
+ Host Scottish Orienteering League Event 4 (Errochty) - achieved.
+ Our Dark Parks Series - about to begin.
+ In December the 20th Glasgow Parks Championships ! - now on our Radar !!

Busy as ever finding new areas, both urban & terrain in which to offer Orienteering To All !!!!

Formed in 1982, we continue to provide new & innovative ideas to stimulate local and Scottish Orienteering.

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