Next Event: STAG Spring Evening 3 - Wed 2nd May - Greenhead Moss - No.608.

No.3 Greenhead Moss, Wishaw.

02nd May 18

Cathkin Braes_210418_Re-entrant

Calling All STAG Members & Friends

We are looking into the possibility of upgrading our current website & one thing we have lacked todate are photographs both of ourselves & our orienteering areas.
If you have a camera or a phone camera please get snapping & send me copy so that we have a stock from which to select.

21st Apr 18

STAG’s Maps & Permanent Course Maps - 20th April 2018 - inc support materials

Currently copies of STAG’s permanent courses, with the exception of Pollok CP, can be obtained in 2 ways.
Blank copies of STAG maps are also available to purchase but please note that to actually set out Orienteering Markers requires formally permission from the landowner.

20th Apr 18

Map of Linn Park Map

STAG Spring Evening 2 - Wednesday 18th April - Linn Park - No.607., Results

Apologies for the couple of hiccups last night & delay in publishing the results. My sincere thanks to Gerry for taking this on & to STAG Members who gave a hand.
Inevitably when one is delayed by issues outwith Orienteering both panic & errors do creep in but it was a lovely night was it not ?

I have sorted out the courses/download/results & results are now available below.

18th Apr 18

STAG Score 3 - Sun 15th April - Strathclyde Country Park - No.606., Results

Many thanks to everyone who came along to-day but particularly to those who were making their first appearance at a STAG Score+ Event - Geoffrey & Rose from INTERLOPERS; Fiona from SOLWAY & Stuart from RAFO.

The errors on the day are explained below. THANK-YOUs to my fellow STAG Members - Gerry, John, John, Arnis, Marta, Helen & Blair for helping host the event. Next SCORE+ is Sunday 13th May at Cathkin Braes CP planned by Arnis. Please check SI Entries for Entry Fees / Closing Dates.

15th Apr 18

STAG SCORE 3+ Strathclyde Country Park, Sunday 15th April 2018

The 3rd event in the series moves south to Strathclyde CP which in so many ways is so much more user friendly - both map & terrain - than the JK 2018 venues visited over the Easter weekend.
On line entries have now closed but due to cancellations 2 maps are now available (7am Sunday)- email Terry to reserve & a confirmation email shall be returned.
View who has entered here

09th Apr 18

STAG Spring Series 2018 Advance Course Information

Planning is almost complete for events 2 & 3 in our 2018 Spring Series.
Please email Terry by 10pm on the Sunday prior to the event to guarantee yourself / yourselves a map.

08th Apr 18

STAG Spring Evening 1 - Wed 4th April - Cambusnethan Woods - Event No.605., Results

Its amazing what a difference a fortnight can make. A week past Saturday I was stunned by how dry the ground was well it certainly wasn’t dry last night & just to cap it all when I emptied the car this morning my Duvet Jacket was able to stand up all by itself.

Thanks to all those hardy souls particularly Patrick, Nick, Rory, Arnis & Lyndsey who I think came by train.

How fickle the weather can be ! I’m just back from Errochty & Grandtully so here are last night’s results.

My thanks to Jim, Gerry & Arnis for their help.

Income #58 . Expenditure BOF Levy #21 ; Map Printing #19 ; Map Royalties #14. #4 surplus :)

04th Apr 18

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Who are we

In 1982, St. Andrew’s Orienteering Club (Glasgow) was formed in the East End of Glasgow with the primary purpose of making Orienteering a more accessible activity.
By producing maps & hosting events, setting up permanent facilities & facilitating schools’ involvement we continue to promote Orienteering as a
Sport For All & a Sport For Life.

Although we may be numerically small, we do a phenomenal amount of events & continue to pioneer how Orienteering can be embraced throughout education.

In 2018 we will
+ Continue to liaise with Local Authorities to support our work.
+ Make better use of the British Orienteering online portal for accessing a number of our Permanent Courses.
+ Host Scottish Night Championships & a South of Scotland League Event on a brand new map of Pollok CP.
+ Arrange 5 Score+ Events.
+ Support World Orienteering Day in May.
+ Formalise the STAG/SOA Membership option into our Club Constitution.
+ Host a Spring & Autumn Series of Evening Events.
+ Host a Scottish Orienteering Urban League Event in August (Summerston)
+ Club Annual Bowling Evening in September.
+ Host the Junior Home Internationals Individual Event in October.
+ Host Scottish Orienteering League Event 4 (Errochty)
+ Our Dark Parks Series
+ In December the 20th Glasgow Parks Championships !

Busy as ever finding new areas, both urban & terrain in which to offer Orienteering To All !!!!

Formed in 1982, we continue to provide new & innovative ideas to stimulate local and Scottish Orienteering.

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