Anytime Orienteering

Map Run phone app

Map Run phone app

Last Updated: Tue 26 Dec 2023

We offer opportunities to go orienteering at anytime that it is convenient to you.
Permanent courses that have marker posts*, Virtual courses have nothing visible but your phone beeps when you are in the right spot using the Maprun app, and postbox orienteering courses.

* Under review see Home Page information.

Permanent courses

Many of our mapped areas have permanent controls in the form of wooden posts or small markers installed. See our Permanent Orienteering Courses page for more information, and instructions for how to get a map.

Maprun courses

The Maprun app allows you to use your smartphone to enjoy orienteering at any time. We have set up MapRun courses all across Glasgow; see the Smartphone Orienteering page for instructions and PDFs of maps to download.

Postbox orienteering

Using the fabulous OpenOrienteeringMap tool, we have created courses where the controls are postboxes; see the Postbox O page for more information and PDFs of maps to download.